Island hopping and snorkel trips around Malapascua, Kalangaman, Capitancillo Islands and more

If you’ve landed on this page, you’ve already heard of the gorgeous white sand beaches and incredible marine life on and around our idyllic little island. 

Let us arrange your group’s bespoke snorkel trip! Decide what you want and we will do our best to make it happen!

There are many options including:

  • A resident blacktip shark population, is just minutes from our base at Thresher Shark Divers. This group of 40+ harmless sharks are usually found in only 2-3 meters of water on the south-western tip of the island. They are often seen within the protected area just off the beach, where we at TSD have helped install coral replanting areas. The area has come to life in the three years of its existence, and you can see batfish, barracuda and much more there as well. 
  • The beautiful white beaches around Malapascua with colourful coral gardens just offshore, such as Lapus Lapus, Dakit-Dakit and North Beach.
  • Snorkel the Lighthouse Japanese Wreck, in only 3-5 meters of water.  This is a World War II wreck, the boat was carrying bags of cement, which you can see solidified and scattered around the remains of the boat. 
  • Journey further afield to Kalangaman Island and Capitaincillo Island, visit Gato and Carnassa. 
  • We can arrange a fresh BBQ for lunch as well as drinks and refreshements on the boat. 
  • PADI certified Divemasters and or Dive Instructor will come with you to assist. 
  • Inclusive of snorkel gear and safety gear.
  • Diving: try-dives for non-divers and guided dives for certified divers are also possible.
  • Can include pickup and dropoff anywhere on Cebu island

Note that these arrangements are for private boat trips only, and can be arranged in advance for any number of people.

If instead, you want to join a cheap trip that is already running with other people, you can arrange that when you arrive. 

Snorkel trips Malapascua

Blacktip reef sharks at Malapascua Island, video by Tepanee Resort