Malapascua island diving

Oscar's Restaurant

Fine Dining on Malapascua Island at affordable prices 

Update: Sadly, Oscar’s was a covid casualty. We hope to reopen soon. 


Nestled high up among the palm trees on Bounty Beach, you will find one of the delightful secrets of Malapascua. Oscar’s Restaurant is a dining experience you should not miss during your trip.

Oscar’s is an open air restaurant located above Thresher Shark Divers and is a new concept in dining on Malapascua.

  • Top quality dishes at a reasonable price.
  • An eclectic mix of international dishes with a new menu every day – Chef decides tonight’s menu only once he has seen today’s freshest ingredients.
  • Top notch service and food served fast

Many people have said that once you have tried Oscar’s, you won’t want to eat anywhere else!

The restaurant is open all day from 7am to 9.30pm, with the bar open until it is empty! Oscar’s is one of very few bars and restaurant that accepts credit cards.


English breakfast Malapacua

Breakfast includes a wide range of options from Full English Breakfast to fresh fruit pancakes. The croissants are simply scrummy and our special Nasi Goreng is perfect for anyone who likes breakfast with a bit of a kick.

For those who need their coffee fix we offer a variety of coffee drinks including Espresso, Cappuccinos, and Cafe Lattes using imported Italian espresso for that authentic taste.

Lunch and Dinner

Malapascua Island Beach BBQ

Throughout the day, there are usually people munching on snacks: the Paratha Chicken Curry roll is a perennial favorite, as is Chef’s Homemade Chicken Liver Pate.

Evening dining is when Chef’s talents really shine and his creativity comes out. We have a daily changing menu to make use of today’s freshest ingredients and give you exciting new tastes and dishes every day.

This also means a lot of flexibility for you as the customer, so if you have particular dietary requirements or a preferred type of food, we can usually accommodate your request.

Although Chef Rafael and his team produce consistently mouthwatering dishes, everyone agrees that his desserts are his best creations. His particular specialties of Creme Brulée and Chocolate Mousse are TO DIE FOR!!! And are you up for taking the Banoffee Pie Challenge?!


British Owned

Oscar's Restaurant Malapascua

As a British owned restaurant, we do enjoy our British staples (and before you start laughing about British food think Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay….!).  But Chef is skilled in a wide range of international dishes and is equally comfortable making British Pub Favorites Bangers and Mash or Fish and Chips, French cuisine, Chinese stir fries and Thai curries. And of course he is an expert at Filipino dishes. Make sure you are here on a Sunday for Chef’s mouthwatering British Sunday Roast, complete with stuffing and Yorkshire pudding.

An added bonus is that service is probably the fastest on the island, usually within 15 minutes, so will be in plenty of time for your dives without the long waits you may encounter elsewhere.

Oscar’s has a very strict policy of serving only Sustainable Seafood.

Oscar's Pub

The Pub Upstairs on Malapascua Island
Full Moon Malapascua

Not to be forgotten is the life and soul of Thresher Shark Divers – Oscar’s Pub Upstairs! The Pub is a British style bar, very well stocked with possibly the best selection of imported beers and liquors this side of Cebu City.

To complement the alcohol selection, the stereo is packed with thousands of tunes with something for everyone, so make your requests to Trevor who commands the music selection each night and has spent 10 years perfecting the playlist!

The bartenders are skilled in making a wide range of cocktails – must tries are the House Specials – Pink Flamango and Mandarin Cosmopolitan. If beer is more your style, as well as the ever present San Miguel, we serve Guinness, Boddington’s, Strongbow Cider and much more. For those who are diving early in the morning, why not try a delicious fresh fruit shake?

The bar is a great place to meet people and make new friends and there is almost always someone around to chat to. Many evenings at around 7pm, you will see (or even participate in) one of TSD’s strongest traditions – the Shark Bite Shot ceremony, which honors every one of our newly certified divers. You might also be present for one of our frequent, often impromptu parties! Once the singing starts, you know that bell will start ringing for rounds of shots, and once the bell starts, it rarely stops until everyone is under the table!!!

But if you want something a bit quieter, the beach tables and rooftop beachfront seating area are great spots for a quiet romantic evening far enough from the bar to have each other to yourselves!

Oscar’s Pub is a great place to hang out at any time of the day – for your early morning post-shark dive breakfast, a sunset cocktail and perfect on a full moon!

Oscar's Seafood Policy

Oscar's Restaurant Malapascua
Malapascua Island Shark Safe

The owners, the staff and most of our customers are divers, and so we are very concerned with the depletion of the world’s fish stocks due to over fishing for human consumption.

We therefore insist on only serving sustainable options for your seafood choices and have searched high and low to achieve this. So much so that we have been certified “Shark Safe”.

This is a very difficult task but we have managed to find several suppliers of sustainable seafood. The only items we will buy from local fishermen are squid, which are ‘farmed’ in a manner by local fishermen, caught by a single hook and line, and are in abundance. We will not buy whole fish locally, no matter if was caught by a solitary fisherman or a fleet of fishing boats. There are too few fish in Philippine waters and as fish are the main source of protein for local people, we feel we should leave what little is left for them. We also will not buy tuna or farmed salmon, which you may not know is actually bad for the environment.

Wherever you eat on Malapascua, and indeed anywhere, we ask that you consider the origins of seafood before order, and that you encourage other restaurant owners to follow our example.

Certified Shark Safe: What does this mean?

No shark or shark product may be served or offered.
Seafood is not harvested using techniques, equipment or practices typically associated with shark by catch such as long line fishing and bottom trawling.
If you are interested in knowing more and integrating environmentally sound seafood choices into your daily diet please take a look at Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Sustainable Seafood Guide. They are one of the more comprehensive sources on this issue. We also regularly address the issues of shark finning, shark conservation and overfishing on Twitter.