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Every day the world’s shark population shrinks.

Some estimates suggest that over 100 million sharks are slaughtered every year, most of these for their fins alone. ‘Finning’ or the killing of sharks and dumping of their carcass after the dorsal fin is removed is the primary culprit for the massive numbers of sharks killed annually.

At this rate, the risk of extinction draws ever closer for certain species.

If you want to do something about it, we have gathered some resources below to help you get started. There are many like minded people who also want to help and anything you can do will help.

Check back regularly for updates and be sure to email us with any suggestions for additions to this page.

Shark conservation on Malapascua

Since opening in 2004, TSD has been at the forefront of conservation efforts on Malapascua, and of course thresher sharks are a big part of that. One fo the first things TSD’s owner, Andrea, did after opening was propose a list of rules for diving with the thresher sharks. This was both  to aid in responsible diving, as well as ensuring they sharks were not bothered or harassed by divers. We are pleased to say that these rules were accepted by the other dive centers, are still in place today and generally very well followed. 

For several years now, there has been a marine patrol in place, that regularly patrols Monad Shoal for fishermen. Even during Covid, the closed dive shops put together a schedule and rotated their dive boats to go out every day. 

We are please and proud to say that shark numbers on Malapascua have never been better. If you came to Malapascua in the “early days,” you were lucky to get a single good sighting of one shark. Now it’s not unusual to see 10 or more on one dive! Such a great thing for any shark lover to hear in this world of declining shark numbers worldwide!


Web Sites

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Shark Research Institute

  • Conservation, Research, Education, Legislation

Adopt a Shark

  • Adopt your own shark for only $2 a month, and other programs.

The Shark Foundation

  • To contribute to the protection and preservation of sharks.


  • Shark Conservation program.

Saving Sharks

  • Ways to get involved.

Shark Trust

  • The UK charity for shark conservation. The Trust works to advance the worldwide conservation of sharks through science, education, influence and action.


  • Conservation group.

Shark Savers

  • Our Mission is to save sharks: Awareness, Education, Action

Shark Alliance

  • A coalition of non-governmental organizations dedicated to the conservation of sharks.

The Dorsal Fin

  • News and info about sharks to promote awareness.


  • Sharks and Rays of the world.

Facebook Communities

If you are on facebook there are an endless amount of groups and fan pages devoted to the plight of sharks.  Some of our favorites are:

Support Our Sharks

Shark Finatics

Stop Shark Finning

Banquet Goers Say No to Shark Finning



If you haven’t already seen it or know someone who needs some convincing, Sharkwater is a must see.

Public Service Announcements from Wildaid.


Use your purchasing power to buy sharky products whose profits go to shark conservation!


Designer kitchen knives: a stainless steel shark-tooth-sharp blade with a shark face design and an ergonomic and non-slip rubber coated handle shaped like a shark’s body.