Malapascua islanD

Getting Here

Malapascua Island

Pickup and transport from Cebu to Thresher Shark Divers

Getting here is stress free and easy if you let us arrange it for you. 

We will arrange for a driver to meet you at the airport, your hotel in Cebu City or Cebu port and bring you to Malapascua Island by private taxi and private boat.

Prices are as follows (extra charge applies depending on fuel prices- contact us for current info):

Number of People Price Each Way PHP

There are private porters in Maya to help with luggage. And iIf it is low tide, you will need to take a small boat to the main boat.
 Cost of small boat and porters is also included in the price, please do not pay them directly if they ask for money. 

In Maya there is a Government Environmental Fee of P120 payable. You will also need to sign in to get the island and present proof of your accommodation. 

Transfers are done at our cost price, so we only arrange transfers for our divers. Total travel time is approximately 4-5 hours depending on traffic. From the airport generally expect it to take 6 hours from landing time. 

It gets dark around 6pm, and the coastguard stops crossings at about 5:30pm. So please let us know a soon as possible if your flight lands after 1pm and we will advise your options. 

We can also make arrangements for transport to and from other locations in Cebu. 

Come by Yourself?

Cebu City to Maya Harbor (north tip of Cebu)


3000-5000 PHP

3-4 hours

 Standard airport taxi price is 4,800 at time of writing.


Non AC: 180 PHP

AC: 238 PHP

4-6 hour

Yellow Ceres or Rough Riders. Leave from Northern Bus Terminal.

The non-AC buses do not stop and take about 4 hours. The AC buses stop along the way and take 5 or more hours. 

At the time of writing the non AC buses run every 20-30 minutes to and from Cebu. AC buses run every 1-2 hours. Hours are as follows:

Cebu to Maya: 1am to 6pm (no buses from 6pm to 1am) 

Maya Harbor to Malapascua Island

Private Boat

1000-2000+ PHP

30 minutes

Price depends on time of day. Ask the boat to take you to Thresher Shark Divers.

Public Boat*

200 PHP per person 

P20 per bag

30 minutes

 You will have to wait until the boat is full for departure. if you are on the last boat you may need to pay an extra charge if it is not full. You may also be asked if you want this option at another time. 

There is no fixed schedule but in general boats leave:

Maya – Mala:  6am – 5:30pm

Mala – Maya: 6am-3pm


*Try to be in Maya before 5pm or you may have to stay in Maya or take a private boat. If you have porters carry your luggage, expect to pay 20 pesos per bag. If it is low tide, you will need to take a small boat to the main boat, this costs extra.

We are very centrally located on Malapascua. If you come by public boat, they will usually take you the main pier. We are just a few minutes walk. From the pier, turn right and walk straight until you get to the main beach and turn left. You can ask anyone where we are. Blue Coral is the big blue resort on the cliffs to the right of the beach as you face the sea. We are about 100m down the beach, the first two storey building you come to. Even if you are not diving or staying with us, feel free to leave your bags with us while you find a room. We are always happy to help travellers with information about the island and show you around the various resorts.

Quick tips if coming by yourself:

In Maya: The public boats may try and get you to pay the highest price they can. Boats have no fixed schedule and will leave when they are full and they have enough paying customers to justify the crossing. If you are happy to wait until the boat is full this should not be a problem. If you want to leave right away, be prepared to pay extra to account for the missing bodies. Beware of scams in Maya and don’t pay more that 2,500 for a boat crossing unless it it bad weather. 

In Malapascua:  avoid the ‘commissioners’ that meet the boat in Malapascua. They are paid to take you to certain businesses and may give false information about everyone else.

Please note that whilst we make every effort to keep information up to date, details may change at any time, so you should double check if you have a flight to catch or other deadline.

Other Transport Options

Cebu to Bogo by AC bus

V-Hire – air conditioned minivan. Leaves from SM or Ayala shopping malls

Bogo to Maya by Jeepney / motorcycle taxi / bus

Getting to Cebu City

Flights: Cebu-Mactan International Airport has international flights through Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai ,Tokyo, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia), Taipei and Shanghai.

International Airlines:

  • Hong Kong ( Cathay Pacific , Cebu Pacific, Philippines Airlines, Air Phil Express)
  • Singapore (Cebu Pacific, Singapore Airlines, Air Phil Express)
  • Kuala Lumpar (Air Aisa)
  • Tokyo (Philippines Airlines)
  • Taiwan (Mandarin Airlines)
  • The Middle East (Emirates, Qatar)
  • Shanghai (China Eastern Airlines)
  • Korea (Asiana, Philippines Airlines, Korean Airlines)

International via other airports

  • Other airlines arrive at Manila, such as Lufthansa and Ethiad. It is easy to get a connecting internal flight to Cebu, there are many each day. Excess baggage costs will probably apply, but the cost is usually quite low.

Domestic Airlines:

  • Cebu Pacific,
  • Philippines Airlines

Connections can be made through Manila, Caticlan (Boracay), Puerto Princessa (Coron), Clark, Iloilo, Davao, Surigao and other Philippine cities.

Ferries: There are daily ferries to/from Cebu and Manila, Tagbilaran (Alona Beach/Bohol), Negros (Dumaguete) and Leyte among others. Ferry schedules change often so reconfirm departure times you find online. There is also a daily boat from Leyte to Maya (departure approx 7am). There are ferries from other places as well, check locally for details.

  • Superferry
  • Supercat
  • Oceanjet

Money and Payment

There is an ATM on  Malapascua, but it is not reliable. There is also a service to send money that can do cash advances on card. 

Only the bigger businesses accept credit cards. 

Thresher Shark Divers accepts several payment methods:

Cash – Preferred currencies: Pesos, US$, EUR, GBP but we accept all major currencies. Exhange rate may vary. 

Our online store.

Bank transfer – banks in the Philippines, UK, EU, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, Hong Kong., a very convenient and inexpensive new way of sending money. 


Credit cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB (transaction charge applies)

Paypal – 5% transaction charge applies *

We also try to use the latest online processing methods. Contact us for info as these tend to change quite quickly. 

* Minimum 4 days advance payment required for bank transfers.

Please note: The island exchange rate is not always very good. It is best to get pesos in advance if possible.