Malapascua island diving

Diving with Thresher Shark Divers

Divers Close to Thresher sharks on Malapascua island

We dive in small groups supervised by experienced PADI Divemasters who have done thousands of dives around Malapascua.

They have laser eyes and know the dive sites inside out! If you want to see something special, just ask. It is more than likely you can see it in Malapascua (Cebu-Philippines)!

We offer a very personalized service and can usually arrange go the dive sites of your choice during your stay. We can even take you out if you are the only one diving.

TSD offers a mix of single boat dives and two or three tank day trips to more distant sites.

All our dive boats carry first aid kits, phones, and oxygen, and our emphasis is on your safety and your fun. We offer Nitrox which is perfect for several of our dive sites.

Please remember to bring your certification card.

Scroll down for more details on schedule and dive sites!


shark dives monad shoal malapascua

Thresher sharks are deep ocean creature and beyond the reach of divers.

Monad Shoal is a unique place in the world where thresher sharks come shallow in the morning to visit several cleaning stations, giving divers a unique opportunity to see them.

extend your bottom time with Enriched air nitrox

Due to the dive sites unique square dive profile, you will spend the majority of your time 22-26m of depth.

We advise diving enriched air nitrox on this course to extend your bottom time.

A Student's Thoughts on the Thresher Shark Diver Course

Long time TSD guest, Steve Tapply, has done many thresher shark dives on various trips to Malapascua since 2007. In 2014 he finally decided to take the course and it transformed his dives at Monad Shoal. 

Find out more from his blog entry.

Our Dive Schedule

Malapascua Thresher Shark

Our dive schedule is not fixed, but below is a typical example. 

5am – 7am – Thresher Shark Dive

Our first dive of the day is at 5.30am and it is well worth getting up this early. We provide plenty of coffee and tea, and you will get to see an amazing sunrise. On the dive you should get to see the rare sight of thresher sharks! You will be back in time for an early breakfast. If you wish to leave earlier or later we are very flexible. In hammerhead season we often leave earlier to catch them at the break of dawn.

Day Dives

Day Dives During the day we have single dives at 10am and 2pm, or 2-3 tank day trips, depending on the dive site . See our list of dive sites for more information.

5pm – Thresher Shark Divers Famous Randy Mandy Dive with MANDARIN FISH!

In the late afternoon we dive Lighthouse, where the rare and psychedelic mandarinfish are guaranteed. Do not miss the exotic mating dance of the male and his adoring females.

Many of our divers have told us this is the best night dive they have ever done.

6pm – Night Dive

We also regularly run full night dives to other sites around Malapascua. The sites are very different in the dark, so it is a great idea to do a few of these both by day and by night!


What can you see in Malapascua?

Some of the creatures we are best known for are: 

Thresher sharks, large rays, white-tip sharks, pygmy seahorses, cuttlefish, nudibranchs, smashing mantis shrimp, pipefish, mandarin fish. 

For a more complete list of marine life click here.

Exploring Malapascua's Waters

You can be Captain Kirk! Go where no man has gone before!
Malapascua is a relatively undived area, and there are many undiscovered dive sites just waiting to be found. We love to go out and find new places, so if you are interested in some adventure, let us know and we can go out searching! Who knows, you may even get a new dive site named after you!

If you are interested in a complete dive package, contact us.

Find out more details about Malapascua’s dive sites.

FAQ’s on diving in Malapascua

* Please remember, that like all of the marine life here, nothing is ever guaranteed