Payment Methods

We have always endeavoured to offer as many payment options as possible so that more $$$ stay in your pocket and less go to the banks!

  • Bank transfer to Philippines, UK, EU (France, Belgium, Denmark), USA (incl. Zelle), Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Contact us for details. 
  • or the Wise app, send in EUR, GBP, USD, SGD, PHP and other major currencies using or or choose one of our banks. 
  • Revolut (send in many currencies) using @tsdmalapascua
  • Paypal: we use them, but rates are very high for international transfers, 2.5% currency conversion and 5% transaction fee. Please send in PHP Amount received will be amount credited. 
  • Gcash to 09176254195
  • Zelle to
  • Our online store
Payment methods on site
  •  All of the above
  • Cash, all major currencies
  • Card, 4% fee applies

Immediate online payments

  • Choose the amount advised. Scroll down for “Course deposit”, one per course per person. 
  • Add more than one amount if needed.
  • Payment will be converted to PHP at the current bank rate, subject to 4% card transaction fee
  • We can send you an online invoice for a specific USD amount