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Payment is AU$247 for eLearning via a secure online payment system, paid directly to PADI. This is in addition to the fees for your Divemaster course payable to Thresher Shark Divers. Make sure you list Thresher Shark Divers, Malapascua Philippines, Store Number #36055 when you sign up.

Please note: It is slightly more expensive to do the Divemaster theory via e-Learning, but it is a great option if you want to complete your course quickly. You are still required to have your own copy of the Encyclopedia, but the Diving Knowledge Workbook is optional.

Additional required materials: RDP (table and eRDPml), Encyclopedia, Instructor Manual, Divemaster slates.

PADI Divemaster Theory Online

The PADI Dive Theory e-Learning online is a great preparation tool for anyone doing their PADI Divemaster Course. It is optional and will save you some studying time when you arrive. This means less time in the classroom and more time getting wet!

PADI's eLearning system presents you with interactive presentations that include videos, audio, graphics and reading. Short quizzes let you gauge your progress and review and correct anything you might happen to miss. This lets you move through the program efficiently and at your own pace. Each section consists of multi-media instructional sections followed by study questions. End-of-section assessments verify eLearner mastery of each of the following:

The PADI Divemaster Online has been prepared for the new PADI Divemaster program launched in 2011. It covers nine topics to prepare you for the practical sessions to complete your Divemaster Course.

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BREAKING NEWS: The PADI Divemaster online course is being changed and extended during the first half of 2011, please contact us for full details on the e-learning options available.