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IANTD courses

Some of these courses can be taught in combination with each other, contact us for more information.

IANTD Recreational Trimix Diver

As you go deeper you become more susceptible to nitrogen narcosis and at depths below 30 meters this becomes more noticeable. Trimix is a way of reducing this risk of narcosis and allows you to dive to deeper depths more safely.

Recreational Trimix is a great intro to Trimix, much like the first level Nitrox course

This Program trains you to do complete no stop dives using recreational trimix to a depth of 30 meters or 39 meters for those with Deep Diver training. This is a great introduction to diving with helium using only a single tank. 2 dives, 2 days

IANTD Deep Diver

This Program is designed to provide responsible training to divers who plan to dive to a maximum of 39 meters on air. It trains divers in skills, performance, theory and planning of deep dives. You will use either twin tanks or a single tank with stage tank. 4 dives

IANTD Advanced Nitrox Diver

This program qualifies divers to do dive to 42 meters and do decompression stops up to 15 minutes. You will use twin tanks and a stage decompression tank. 4 dives

IANTD Advanced Recreational Trimix Diver

Advanced Recreational Trimix is an extension of the Advanced Nitrox Course and qualifies divers to dive to 48 meters and perform decompression stops up to 15 minutes. You will use twin tanks and a stage decompression tank. 4 dives

Course completion

Upon completion of all listed classroom sessions, watermanship skills and dives to the Instructor’s satisfaction, an appropriate IANTD Diver qualification card will be issued.

Training is purchased upon enrollment.
Qualification is earned through the student’s performance
and knowledge demonstrated throughout the Program.

Students with unsafe attitudes or who demonstrate bad dive habits are required to complete additional dives for certification. The instructors may add additional training dives at their own discretion.

See IANTD's Mission Statement and Training Philosophy

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