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Your Safety at Thresher Shark Divers

At Thresher Shark Divers we take your safety very seriously. Although we make every effort to ensure you have as much fun as possible, your safety and good health are our main priorities.

  • We ensure you have safe dive profiles, and always stay well within computer limits.
  • We have top quality name-brand equipment that is serviced regularly and kept well maintained.
  • We carry emergency medical oxygen and a first aid kit on our boats and have a plentiful supply of oxygen at the dive shop.
  • We are an accredited member of PCSSD, the Philippine Commission on Sports Scuba Diving. All members must adhere to safe diving practices.
  • Clean air. Our air is checked on a quarterly basis by an independent U.S. company for contaminants. In addition, PCSSD conducts annual checks on our air quality. So you can be assured you are getting clean fills and our certificates are on display in the dive shop. Every one of our checks since we opened show our air to be 100% free of contaminants.
  • The nearest recompression chamber is in Cebu. It is a 24 hour facility, extremely well run by excellent doctors and operators. In the unlikely event of an accident, PCSSD provide our customers with priority access to the chamber at discounted cost. However, the safety record of Thresher Shark Divers is impeccable and unbeaten on Malapascua and we intend to keep it that way.
  • In the unlikely event you need to go to Cebu we can get you there quickly, using helicopter evacuation if necessary.
  • All diving staff including boat staff and shop staff are trained in first aid and CPR - and are PADI Emergency First Responders. All our instructors can teach Emergency First Response and we also have two Emergency First Response Instructor Trainers on staff.
  • Our safety record is unblemished and we have never had a serious accident of any kind while doing any activities, including recreational and technical diving. We do not expect that to change!

So rest assured, you will not need to worry about your safety when you come diving with us!

Additional safe diving tips from DAN

Scuba Diving Insurance

We recommend that all our divers have some kind of dive insurance. These are some of the options:

DAN Dive insurance



Dive Assure

Dive Assure has differing durations of dive insurance from one day to one year, with different levels of protection. Get more info or go straight to their website.

Dive insurance

Essential Travel Insurance

Anyone who lives in the UK can purchase Essential Travel Dive Insurance.



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