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Hans Christian Andersen

The Motor Yacht "Hans Christian Andersen" was built in 1972 in Holland. The initial idea was to create a luxurious sailing-ship for taking wealthy clients on cruises around the Caribbean. Subsequently the ship was converted into a modern style motor vessel serving as a training ship for a Danish navigation school. The ship was rebuilt in 2006 to serve as an adventure cruise ship, fitted with a new and more powerful engine and all modern navigation equipment.

Built in 1972 in Groningen, Holland as a three masted schooner, later rebuilt as a navigation training ship. In 2006 reoutfitted as a purpose built adventure cruise ship under Danish ownership and renamed "Hans Christian Andersen" after the world famous Danish fairytale author and poet.

Boat Specifications

Please note: the HCA is currently undergoing major refurishments for the 2013 Tubbataha season.

Suite Rooms

Suite room

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