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What do the guide books say about Malapascua?

Rough Guide to South-East Asia

Top 36 things to do in South-East Asia

Number 17: Dive in Malapascua
"Some of the best diving in South-East Asia"

Lonely Planet Philippines

"The tiny and idyllic island of Malapascua appears to inhabit a world apart."

"The simple villaes of Malapascua blend seamlessly with the resorts and are a big factor in the island's charm. The townspeople are almost invariably friendly and welcoming."

"For anyone who finds Borocay too crowded, Malapascua is the perfect antidote. As long as it continues to attract the quieter type of traveler it will stay that way. This little island has everything the low-key sun-seeking traveler needs."

"Another up and coming diving destination ... which boasts excellent white sand beaches and fine dive sites nearby, including Gato Island, Monad Shoal, and Manoc Manoc Islands. This is a good choice for those who want to escape the crowds further south."

"Has everything the low-key, sun-seeking traveler needs ...enticing, long white beaches, plenty of good restaurants, and resorts to suit most budgets."

The Shark Watcher's Handbook

"This is probably the best place in the world to see pelagic thresher sharks... No other cleaning station is known to be used by thresher sharks on such a regular basis."

Additionally we are featured in "50 Places to Dive Before you Die" including an interview with TSD co-founder, Andrea Agarwal and Malapascua has been featured on numerous television shows including Discovery's Monty Halls' Great Ocean Adventures.


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